What we do: Data-driven strategy consulting

Our business is helping corporate clients set and achieve their goals, especially by looking at their world in new ways.

Sometimes this is as simple as providing an outsider’s perspective, or approaches from a different industry sector.  Usually, though, it involves looking at data in different ways to gain new insights.  This might be internal data from the client’s own systems or external data from trade bodies or national statistics; often all of these, mashed up together.

It’s the mashing together, and visualisation of the results, that brings new insights and adds value. We don’t normally use any fancy tools for this, just Excel and PowerPoint.  We believe that understanding what we see, and what it means for clients, is more about experience than software.

But don’t think of us as numbers people.  We’re people people, because we listen to understand what our clients want and need, and engage to make sure the strategy rings true and makes sense for the people who will deliver it.  We’re also business people, with experience of many industry sectors and client situations.

My name is Martin Windle, and I set up Closer Analysis in 2010.  Occasionally I work alone, sometimes with freelance colleagues, and often with networked consulting firms like Eden McCallum and Curzon & Company.

I’ve been in strategy consulting since 1998.  Before that I was in electronic publishing, where I learned two useful things: how to use a rapidly evolving market landscape to turn around a very traditional, low profitability business that wasn’t used to change, and the mechanics of getting useful stuff out of databases.

I can’t talk specifics about clients for obvious reasons of confidentiality, but plan to use this site to share some tools and techniques, particularly on Excel for Strategy Consultants, and occasional observations on markets and other data.